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For Your Consideration

My name is Gabrielle Gutierrez (she/her). I am a Queer Latine woman living in Orange County, CA with my fiancé, 3 boisterous chiweenies, and 3 cuddly cats.

I bring ingenuity, empathy, creativity, joy, and determination to any position or role.

I have over five years experience in the entertainment industry in multiple fields of focus. I am trilingual, a native Spanish speaker, and have worked with leading companies in the nonprofit and private sectors of business. 

I encourage anyone viewing to take a moment to look over the documents below. This will help get a better sense of what it is like to collaborate with me in a work setting.

Thank you for learning a little bit about me. I earnestly hope to hear back regarding the next steps of the hiring process.

Consideration: About

Recommendation Letters

"Ms. Gutierrez is intelligent, capable, dedicated and an extremely personable young woman. She is always quick on her feet, with sensible reactions in all circumstances..."

"Throughout the rehearsal the process I enjoyed working with her, and she brought an incredible talent and and sense of thought and ownership to the role."

"Her ideas are original and creative and she presents them in a mature, eloquent manner. She is a positive force and a valuable asset that I would definitely want on my team."

Consideration: Files
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