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For Your Consideration

Technical Coordinator
Assistant Vice President, Production Operations

My name is Gabrielle Gutierrez (she/her) and I am writing to express my desire to join the RWS team in one of the three roles listed above. I've worked for RWS in different capacities throughout the last year and it's clear that there is a unique opportunity for both RWS and myself to have a beneficial, challenging and riveting working relationship. My life experiences would make me a great asset to this company. 

I'm a hard worker- I've been working in Swap Meets since I was 6 years old. I've worked in almost every industry: private nanny, server, retailer, non-profit, legal, entertainment. I learn how to adapt to new environments quickly. As an empath, and when I'm confident I easily match my energy to those around me which helps me understand how to meet their needs. 

I've had a long career in entertainment, which has primarily been focused in theme parks and special events, all while I worked multiple jobs and went to school. I was diagnosed late in life with ADHD, so getting degrees was difficult for me. If something wasn't exciting me, I had a hard time finishing it. But even though I didn't get a degree, I have multiple certifications and practical hands-on experience that, to me, rivals any diploma I could've gotten.

Since being diagnosed, I've been able to harness my ADHD symptoms and make them work for me. Nothing makes a deadline go faster than hyper-fixating on for a few hours to tick it as "done" on the list.

I have a thirst for knowledge and innovation. For me, the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." doesn't exist. There are always new methods, more sustainable technology, a more efficient way to communicate. Changing is how we evolve and I encourage it in my life.

I could go more into detail about why it would be beneficial to hire me, but anyone reading this already knows my strengths. You've seen me in action. And whether my way of going about tasks is agreeable with everyone- no one can deny that I get things done. I will find a way to see that the show keeps going. I'm not perfect. The only thing I'm consistently good at is showing up for the people and causes I care about and constantly trying to do better.

I've found in life that the best moments are not the ones that come easy. It's the ones that test you, make you think and evaluate your way of going about things. And I know that working at RWS would be one of those moments. I've already learned so much about myself and what is important to me during my time at RWS, good and bad. 

Due to my disabilities, I work better independently and self-paced. Positions where I am able to be utilized to look at the big picture of projects, organize ideas, and delegate to make those ideas a reality. My fiancé and I are part of the LGBTQIA+ community and, as such, starting a family has more obstacles. Having a job with benefits that I could work from home would facilitate that process. My goals in life are constantly morphing but I'd be able to do everything I want outside of work with one of these roles. These include my volunteer efforts and participation in advocacy groups.

Everyone that I've spoken to at RWS has said I'm a diligent employee who does amazing work at the tasks put before me. In addition, I have attached recommendation letters that have been gathered throughout the years to show the dedication and ingenuity I bring to any position. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. 

Gabrielle Gutierrez

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